South African Boerboels SABT# 8954
Arizona's Mayas last litter 3 of the pups made it to apprasial Moon Mouontain Brocco 84.8, Moon Mountain Bella 84.5, and Moon Mountain Bokkie 83.0 CONGRATS GUYS>> Mayas pups made 3 of the top 4 at the meet!!!++++++++++++ After MUCH research we imported our male from Dopper Boerboel. He is a 2 year old male and appraised at 85.6 GOLD MERIT(in africa), his name is Dopper Dala, we plan on him being the cornerstone of our kennel. He is by Corma Buks and out of Dopper Debbie(roenard martiens). He is an impressive, massive male, with an exceptional temperment, he loves everyone. contact us at

Rock at 5 months of age daddy is Dopper Dala mommy is Arizona Maya
Moon Mountain Rocco at 2 years
Arizona Maya (red female) Moon Mountain Rocco (her son) fawn

Chaka and Bo(sons boerboel, came to visit!) sharing a bone
Charlie showing off
Maya at 2 years

Maya at 2 years
Maya, meaning business
Mia(son's pup), looking innocent

Baden Mia
3-way fight over the towel..
Pele, 7 weeks, a Visser pup. on her way from Africa

Rika, 7 weeks.. a Visser pup, on her way from Africa
Chaka, lookin for dinner
Dopper Dala at 1 year, 160lbs.

Rika, 3 months
Pele, 3 months

Arizona Maya 6 months.. our huntin dog :)
maya 6 months
Not safe to leave car doors open around here!! "Kids" snuck into dads classic Caddy while he was not looking.

Kids in dads classic Caddy.. Make your own website